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Grant Cardone Warned Everyone About Normalcy Bias and the Importance of Agility

by Dallas
Normalcy Bias

Waiting to react until disaster is already happening is a mistake many make, says Scientologist Grant Cardone.

With a booming career as an author, motivator, and advisor, Grant Cardone spent early 2020 warning people about lingering too long in normalcy bias. Before COVID became a mainstream concern, he tried to prepare people to check their assumptions that things would stay a certain way.

Grant Cardone says Scientology has taught him a lot about personal change and responsibility. He believes Scientology is one of the biggest reasons he is intuitive in business and many other areas of life. Years ago, he says his path was on a downward spiral, and his life was a mess. “I didn’t always have it together—that’s for sure,” he says. “There were drugs and really bad life decisions. I was in debt. I broke trust and felt lost. It wasn’t until I found Scientology that I started to turn things around. I took some really helpful classes on finances, self-confidence, communication—and then I made the changes I needed to make.”

Now, Grant Cardone Scientology says, he has been on an upward trend for more than 15 years. Not only has he been able to find wealth and personal success, but he has also been able to help other entrepreneurs with their ventures. “Look, I’ve been interested my whole life in who I am,” he explained in the interview. “Why am I winning in life or having troubles in life? What does it take to make a marriage work? What does it take to make money work? What does it take to be happy? How can I find my purpose? Where’s my energy at? Scientology’s helped me with all those things.”

In recent comments, he recalls what he wrote in 2020: “But sometimes there are pending disasters where people don’t yet see the danger… Whether it’s a hurricane or a virus, many people don’t prepare until they actually see the disaster unfolding before their very eyes. By the time a disaster is already happening, it’s often too late to help those who didn’t prepare.

“I wanted people to realize that you can’t always trust ‘normal,'” he explains. “I could feel something coming. I didn’t know how far it would go. But, I can tell you, life is ALWAYS going to throw curveballs at you. Falling into the normalcy bias stupor means getting so comfortable you can’t really remember (or imagine) what a true struggle feels like. And, when you get to that place—whether or not you realize it—you are not ready to adjust, and you are not ready for what you will face next.”

As a business leader and Scientologist, Grant Cardone Scientology explains the right path is the prepared one. He recommends staying sharp and pushing to improve.

Cardone says finance is usually the first place that needs to be straightened out, but he points out that relationships, religion, personal growth, and many other areas should be points of focus as well. “There is a pandemic of average in this world,” he warns. “And it’s very contagious.”

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