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The Lost Art of Personal Note Writing

by Dallas

Recently, I have tried to follow up most if not all first-time meetings with a personal note. Throughout the years I have heard from various arenas the positive benefits a personal hand-written note can have on building rapport with a new or existing contact. I would listen and agree and then never write. I even attended a corporate training in which in one of the exercises everyone in the room wrote, addressed, stamped and mailed a personal thank you note.

From my recent experiences I feel that the biggest obstacles in the past are not really substantiated and by following these few tips I am unable to write a personal note quickly and effectively and hopefully realize some of those intangible advantages that all of us so need in business.

Tips are Given Below:

1. Keep a pad of stamps in your desk drawer. Never and I mean never, run a personal note through a postage machine. Even if you have to wait a day to mail it, do not run it through the postage machine. Nothing like red postage machine markings to take away the charm of a personal note.

2. Always have a stack of thank you type cards and envelopes. (Most packs come with an equal number of cards and envelopes.) Go for something simple the real message is what you write.

3. Keep a pen in your office that you really enjoy writing with. I recently started using fountain pens to write my notes. The flow beautifully, the writing looks elegant, and I really feel as though it is the right tool for the lost art. (Any pen will do fine though. Just make it blue or black.)

4. Have a format but vary it slightly so it doesn’t make you sound like an automaton. A perfunctory note can be possible do more damage than no note at all.

5. Write away. People you just met, helped you out in some way, did a good job, brought a good idea to a meeting, are all good people to write personal notes to.

You won’t be able to measure the benefit of this practice but you will feel the benefits. And also remember, most people do NOT write notes. So, if you want to stand out in someone’s mind this is one great way to set yourself apart.

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