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by Dallas

Advertisement Guidelines:

We appreciate you taking interest in our blog. We write and publish articles related to our concerned fields. To maintain diversity of topics we also welcome and publish posts. We have set up certain guidelines for post submissions. Please read them carefully as their adherence is the only way for us to accept your articles.

Our Content:

  1. The article must not be less than 500 words.
  2. We do not accept previously published, sponsored or overly promotional content.
  3. We only accept posts that are timely, accurate original and resonate with our articles.
  4. We do not accept any casino, gambling content, adult content, pharma content and related material. All kind of links related to these materials are strictly prohibited.
  5. If you have any references in the article don’t forget to mention their links.
  6. Include your real name while submitting the articles.
  7. Send the articles to the ID info@jeffwhiting.net
  8. We will be obliged to answer any questions.