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by Dallas
Business Storage

Business storage (business self-storage) is a great solution for any type or size of business.  Business storage (business self-storage) offers a small or large business owner the needed “extra space” that they may need to store inventory & job materials.  Business Storage means that you can reclaim valuable expensive office space, thereby keeping business operation at a manageable and affordable level.  Business Self Storage warehousing affords builders and contractors a more secure storage space to store their tools and job supplies than just storing them a job site or in homes that may still be under construction.

Commercial storage offers an alternative to renting commercial space or traditional warehouse space that seems to be very expensive thus saving on your companies resources.  Business Storage offers the advantage of buying supplies or inventory in bulk, taking advantage of sales, and even negotiating better pricing from your own vendors allowing you to store the overflow in a safe & secure storage space with 24-hour access and security video monitoring.  This lets business storage lower your company’s overhead which puts more profits in your pocket or lets you be more competitive on pricing to your existing customers.

Storage service in Dubai offers great storage business solutions that include mailboxes, office facilities, showers, and meeting rooms that can be used for a business on a daily basis.  Many storage facilities even specialize solely in commercial storage solutions with all-purpose storage units to meet every self-storage business need. 

  • Reduces overhead to related expenses
  • Storage space sizes that can increase or decrease depending on your business storage needs & cash flow
  • Frees up office space by storing items that are not needed to a daily basis
  • Storing furniture and office equipment
  • Storing inventory on a part time, full time or seasonal basis
  • Acts as a small scale storage distribution center
  • Storing bult inventory purchases thus increasing buying power and profit margins

Most self-storages say that they can store anything, however, there are a few exceptions to the rule.  It is worthwhile to check each storage location’s business storage rules for the items that you legally can not store.  Self-storage insurance is a perfect way to protect you from any questions of legality so be sure to know the rules before you sign any self-storage contract.  Self-storage discounts for business storage may also be available if you sign a long-term rental contract.

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