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My First Sale On Etsy!

by Dallas

This is an article or more appropriately a letter which I received from one of my acquaintances. She started her own business some while back without much success but she remained persistent and now she gained fruit of her labor. I am very proud to say that I guided her through her dark times and learned a lot from her in the way. Here is a story of inspiration for all of us young entrepreneurs.

I am officially an entrepreneur! I made my first sale on Etsy yesterday. I was very excited! I checked my email to see two emails from Etsy, one telling me to ship the item and the other congratulating me on my first sale. I promptly printed out the congratulatory email and took a selfie with it in my office.

Over lunch, I decided to go home and remake the card, so the customer would receive a “fresh” and perfect card. Last night, I remade it and very carefully wrapped it up, all ready for shipping. You only get one chance to sell your first thing as a budding entrepreneur, so I wanted to make it special. I also emailed the buyer and thanked her for being my very first customer. Perhaps she’ll never know how much her $5 has meant to increasing my level of hope to continue my business.

I also began to fantasize about what if I sold one card a day, for an entire year. That would mean I would make $1825 a year gross, if each card cost $5. This fantasy put a huge smile on my face, and then I began to think even bigger.

What if one day I owned my own letter presses and my own studio? Wouldn’t that be even more lovely?

And to think, it all started with a $5 card, purchased not so long ago.

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