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Select your Workout Shoes Wisely

by Dallas

If you ask me, shoes are the most important aspect of your whole workout outfit. You can do without anything while exercising but not without proper shoes. And this claim is not without reason. The feet have the most important job during the whole exercise session irrespective of the type of exercise. If they are not comfortable, it will be impossible for you to keep exercising. Your whole body works in a rhythm while exercising, pain in any of its parts will most likely disturb the whole.

Another important aspect to consider is the relation of your shoe with the type of exercise you are doing. One shoe doesn’t fit all types of exercises. You need a particular shoe for every exercise to keep you safe and to make your whole workout more effective.

Climbing Shoes

If you are an avid climber, you must know that it isn’t possible without appropriate shoes. Hiking requires considerable support and shoes which doesn’t provide additional support are not good for hiking. So while shopping for hiking shoes, go for one that offers support and cushioning. It must also be able to handle the roughness of the path. Ankle support and waterproofing are additional yet necessary features to look for.

Running Shoes

Most of us use running shoes for every type of exercise with the result that they get roughed up in no time. When selecting running shoes, comfort comes on top of the list. They must also enhance your performance while providing protection against shock which can result in stress fractures and pain. Go for the shoe which feels like a part of your leg while running. Always remember to replace them after a specific time as they tend to lose their superior abilities with time.

Take care of the laces of your running shoes, they shouldn’t be too long to tangle in your feet, resulting in any serious accident. If yours are too long, you can visit several websites for replacement of elastic shoe laces.

Shoes for Court Sports

Court sports include basketball, tennis, squash et cetera. Though some running is involved, running shoes won’t work here as they are incapable of handling rigorous movements. Running shoes are designed for straight running and not for running sideways. Court shoes are, however, designed for movements in all directions. So make sure to buy court shoes for such games otherwise you will end up injuring yourself.

Shoes for Field Sports

Football, Rugby are counted as field sports among others. You can easily recognize them as having large teeth on the soles, called cleats. Their purpose is to provide support and grip depending on the surface you are playing at. The cleats are designed according to the surface of the field and using a flat shoe on them will only result in you slipping away.


We have talked about specific shoes for specific games till now. There is, however, one shoe type that can be called an all-rounder because of its utility in a wide range of activities. Minimalist exercise shoes are equally good for running, cycling, or training in the gym. But, don’t forget that these are just beginner-level shoes for basic exercises. For more rigorous exercise, you should always go for game-specific shoes.

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